As you will find out when looking through our pages there are some years of work behind this idea, a lot of very talented people involved, and an international team of artists and producers from Germany, Canada, Ucraine and Russia!
We can´t put in words how sorry we were when we heared that Luciano Pavarotti had passed away. He has always been one of our “all-time-heroes", and obviously he and his work with the 3 Tenors have inspired all of us a lot for the TSR project. Luckily enough we have been in contact with Mr. Pavarotti´s management for some years now and have played them the TSR music in early stages, so we´ll take the chance to keep Luciano´s great musical dream alive. Thank you to Terri Robson for your support!
Vladimir Grishko was in personal and direct contact with Luciano Pavarotti and still is with Madame Caballe (and already performed with both of them!), both were supporting the TSR idea a lot! We are very honoured by this fact and take this as a big motivation to release some high-class and very "musical" album!

When we started to develop the TSR concept in 2000 the basic idea behind it was to get 3 world-class singers to perform the "Best of" repertoire of the original 3 Tenors (Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, José Carreras) … in ROCK versions!

Although mixing classical and rock music has already been done before in the past we do believe that the TSR Project is a new and unique combination of these two forces… probably the first time ever to feature 2 world-class classical tenors and one of the most respected voices in rock on one entire album!

Needless to say with a dream-cast like the TSR has that this first TSR album is in no way a persiflage or satire but a serious attempt to transport the music of the 3 Tenors into the rock-world, and to show the classical world the beauty and power that a rock band can create. Personally I have always been a HUGE fan of the 3 Tenors and the way they approached some of the best-known and best-written songs out there, and as a "true rocker" I always had the vision of supporting these hymns with the power of a real rocking band…

Well, it´s 2007 by now, and we are getting very close to bringing this exciting project to you in early 2008. There have been a lot of rumours and questions in forums throughout the net, so let me make it official: We are aiming at a release for February 2008 !!! MP3 music from the album is ready for you to DOWNLOAD on our MEDIA site from NOW on… enjoy! Make sure to also visit our MYSPACE page…

Best wishes to all you rockerz & classic music fans out there, and THANK YOU for your patience and support!

Dirk & the TSR team.

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