James LaBrie

Country: Canada
Profession: Vocalist of Dream Theater & various projects including his solo albums
Contact: info@tsr-project.com
Website: www.JamesLaBrie.com

Thomas Dewald

Country: Germany
Profession: Professor for vocals at the University of Mainz (Germany) and independent Opera tenor
Contact: info@tsr-project.com
Website: www.thomas-dewald.com

Vladimir Grishko

Country: Ukraine
Profession: Cultural Minister of the Ukraine and independent Opera tenor
Contact: info@tsr-project.com
Website: www.VGrishko.com.ua

Dirk Ulrich

Country: Germany
Profession: Independent producer, guitars & all productions for TSR&GIFTIG (recording, mix & mastering).
Contact: dirk@tsr-project.com
Websites: www.GIFTIG.org (band)
www.brainrox.de (studio)

Christoph Wansleben

Country: Germany
Profession: Professional Arrangeur, Strings-arrangements and 1st Violin for TSR
Contact: info@tsr-project.com

Sandro Martinez

Country: Germany
Profession: Session guitarist & guitar teacher, guitars for TSR together with Dirk
Contact: info@tsr-project.com

Paul Mayland

Country: Germany
Profession: Session drummer & drum teacher, drums for TSR & GIFTIG (with Dirk)
Contact: info@tsr-project.com
Website: www.GIFTIG.org

Marvin Philippi

Country: Germany
Profession: Session bass player for Paul Di Anno's band, used to play in various bands with Paul & Dirk
Contact: info@tsr-project.com

Igor Marin

Country: Russia
Profession: Internationally renowned biologist & founder of Marinsound. Executive producer for TSR together with BRAINWORX
Contact: president@marinsound.com
Website: www.Marinsound.com

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